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Why do you sometimes  react differently to others? 

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By Dr Brighton Chireka, a Maxwell Certified Behavioural Analysis Consultant

Do you ever wonder why your reactions in certain situations are different from those around you? There’s a good chance its due to your unique set of personality traits that manifest themselves in various ways. But if we gain a deeper understanding of our individual selves we can unleash our full potential as human beings – both personally and professionally. And this is where the DISC personality assessment comes in handy. 

 So what exactly does DISC mean anyway? 

It stands for Dominant, Influencing, Steady and Compliance; categories based on behavioral characteristics developed by psychologist William Marston. By taking this test  individuals uncover insights about their own behaviour whilst comparing it with others’. But how does this test actually work? 

It includes four sections which cover diverse aspects of ones personality- assertiveness,social influence,stability/consistency as well as attention to detail/accuracy. 

Dominance (D) concerns the drive for power, control, and assertiveness. It signals an individual’s determination to reach goals and challenges the status quo. High-D personalities love measurable outcomes and exude energy and ambition. 

Influence (I) is about social interaction. The I-personality type is persuasive and charming, confident, and articulate. They possess an innate ability to change the course of a conversation. 

Steadiness (S) is all about thoughtfulness and persistence. S-individuals display great patience and persistence, often taking the time to review all details to achieve long-term goals. They make excellent analysts, planners, and administrators. 

Compliance (C), or conscientiousness, concerns orderliness and adherence to rules. C-people have a strong desire for structure, clear procedures, paying attention to detail and a respect for chain of command, values, and rules of the system.

A comprehensive report detailing an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth is generated upon completing all four sections of the DISC personality assessment. The benefits of taking up this assessment are immense; it offers unmatched insights into one’s behavior patterns and how these impact those surrounding them thereby allowing room for improvement through leveraging identified strengths while addressing areas that need work. By establishing these parameters, individuals can work on customising strategies that lead to greater success both professionally and personally alike. Dr Chireka who holds a Maxwell Certified Behavioral Analysis Consultant status provides guidance in interpreting DISC reports as well as tailoring personal development plans according to specific needs so that one’s true potential may be unlocked through the process. 

It is by completing this test that self-awareness regarding behavior patterns rises thus enabling individuals at large to make informed decisions about interpersonal interactions, while simultaneously sculpting an approach towards achieving set goals. 

To discover more about this assessment and receive your comprehensive 30 page DISC personality profile report, please don’t hesitate to contact me via inbox or email at


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