Your one-stop centre for transforming health professionals into effective leaders and activating patients to manage their health. 

The DOCBEECEE Leadership Academy is an invaluable resource for leaders in the healthcare industry. 

Our Vision statement guides us to strengthen health systems through transforming healthcare professionals into effective leaders. This Vision is supported by our Mission which is to empower not just healthcare professionals, but the public too. Our Values of Compassion, Openness, Trust, Integrity and Diversity underpin everything we do – these values are integral to our decision-making process and hold us all accountable for our actions. As such, DOCBEECEE Leadership Academy is essential in equipping healthcare professionals to become strong and effective leaders.

Our Mission

To help governments and organisations develop effective healthcare leaders and activate patients to manage their health 

Our Vision

We believe we are here to transform health professionals into effective leaders and give patients a positive experience 


Our values are our identity and guideposts which we embody everyday. They are how we make decisions and hold ourselves accountable.

Our Values are COTID

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