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What is Self Leadership

What is Self Leadership?

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By Brighton Chireka 

Are you a self-leader? If not, you should be! Self-leadership is defined as “the ability to lead oneself or manage oneself effectively” (Google Dictionary). In other words, it’s knowing yourself and making choices that align with your values, beliefs, and goals. According to Bryant and Kazan ( 2013) self-leadership is the practice of intentionally influencing our thinking, feeling, and behaviours to achieve our objectives. I take self leadership as a process of knowing yourself as well as intentional and deliberately directing and influencing your thinking , feelings and behaviour to achieve your purpose in life. It sounds simple enough, but many of us struggle with it. Here are four tips to help you become a better self-leader.

Defining self leadership 

Self-leadership is an important concept that involves taking responsibility for one’s actions and creating positive outcomes. It requires a deep understanding of one’s own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the determination to take action to achieve individual goals. Self-leaders understand their own strengths, strive to maximize those strengths, and find ways to compensate for any deficiencies or limitations. Leadership in this context means having the courage to lead oneself with honest self-reflection, proactively seek opportunities for growth and development, set meaningful goals and find effective methods of achieving them. It is an essential part of personal growth and fulfilment because it allows us to be successful in our lives in a way that no outside source can provide.

The benefits of self leadership 

Self-leadership provides countless advantages to those who practice it. Not only can self-leaders be more efficient in their daily lives, they are also in a better position to handle difficult situations and obstacles. Because of this, self-leadership promotes higher levels of productivity, clear decision making processes and resulted-based thinking. Additionally, it gives an individual greater control over their emotions and time management. Through enterprise, dedication and discipline, a person can gain profound power over their life through the establishment of self-leadership. By managing their own actions and putting in practices that will benefit them overall, individuals can make progress towards goals with greater ease and success.

Steps to take to become a self leader 

Becoming a self-leader requires dedication and a commitment to make positive changes in yourself. The first step is to define what you expect out of your own leadership. Doing this will require an honest look at areas for potential improvement, as well as identifying strengths that can be used to benefit yourself and those around you. Second, you must take the time to evaluate your successes and failures in order to reach better decision making in the future. Noting past experiences is also beneficial in learning from them in order to avoid repeating mistakes. Thirdly, it is important to focus on things that are within your control rather than those that are beyond your skillset or capabilities. Lastly, don’t forget to set goals for yourself and keep going no matter what obstacles may get in your way. By following these steps, becoming a successful leader of yourself can become a reality.

Why society needs more self leaders 

Society no longer needs to rely on the traditional hierarchy in order to get things done. While consensus and collaboration are important, self-leadership can lead to innovative and creative solutions that would not be possible otherwise. Self-leadership empowers individuals to think creatively and strengthen their own leadership capabilities. Consequently, team efforts and individual projects become far more productive and effective as a result of this emphasis on personal development and autonomous decision making. Ultimately, society benefits by having an increased set of leaders equipped with the four components required for success: developing leadership skills, executing efficiently, planning strategically, and controlling effectively.

How you can make a difference by being a self leader 

Leadership begins with the individual – it starts from within. Being a self leader means understanding your values, taking ownership of your life and choices, and actively striving to reach your goals. It takes courage and resilience to step forward as an autonomous leader. People who are capable of self leadership have the power to influence themselves and others in meaningful ways, inspire movements, create positive social change, and bring about a brighter future. This is how we can make a difference in this world: by learning to lead ourselves first.


In conclusion, the topic discussed here has been poignant and consequential; we have explored the importance of proactive action and considered how this can be effectively implemented in a variety of contexts. We have explored the benefits of incorporating formal processes into everyday life, emphasizing how such protocols can optimise our results whilst benefiting our collective wellbeing. It is now essential that we implement our findings from today’s discussion and continue to expand on them; to use our newfound knowledge to foster greater levels of progress for ourselves and for those around us. The time to act is now.

Self-leadership is a powerful skill that has many important applications in today’s society. We need more self-leaders if we are to make progress and create change that is lasting and positive. By taking the steps of understanding oneself, embracing inner motivations, and developing a vision, you can strive to become the kind of leader our world needs. Commit yourself to recognizing and cultivating your own leadership potential – with this awareness and dedication, we have an opportunity to shape our collective future. Now is the time for each of us to step up and lead ourselves in order to bring about joy, purpose, and courage into our society. Our actions today will be remembered by future generations so let’s take action now!


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