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10 Ds of Self Leadership

Cultivating The 10 Ds of Self Leadership 

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By Dr Brighton Chireka 

Cultivate the 10 Ds of Self Leadership – Dream, Direct, Decisive, Delegate, Deliberate ,Determined, Disciplined, Dedicated, Diligent and Discovery. Embark on a journey to uncover your life purpose while developing decisive thinking and discipline that will help you stay focused towards achieving set goals with persistence despite challenges. Develop strengths while delegating tasks to others as well as being intentional in all actions taken require dedication to gain success.

Dream: It is important to define a clear vision and purpose in order to stay focused and motivated on the desired outcome. By having a clear dream of what you want to accomplish, you will be able to keep yourself accountable and strive for excellence.

Direct: Being able to direct your thoughts, emotions and behaviour can have a powerful impact on achieving your goals. Self-leadership requires the ability to stay in control of one’s mind and body in order to get the necessary things done with focus and clarity. 

Decisive: Making decisions quickly is essential for successful self-leadership. Decisions made quickly often require less information than those that are delayed, allowing for more efficient action coming from leadership. 

Delegate: A key part of self-leadership is understanding the strengths and weaknesses that you possess as an individual leader. This understanding allows for effective delegation of tasks, which frees up time for leadership roles that only you can fill. Valuing this time also helps reduce burnout by ensuring that tasks are handled efficiently. 

Deliberate: Intentionality is one of the core aspects of self leadership; being intentional about one’s decisions helps them make better choices for themselves and for their team or organization. This allows leaders to be more mindful of the consequences resulting from their actions both now and in the future. 

Determined: Despite any challenges, staying determined towards achieving goals is crucial when it comes to leading yourself effectively. Staying focused on the end result while taking consistent steps with persistence helps ensure success over time. 

Disciplined: Taking action consistently in accordance with predetermined plans is necessary when it comes to self-leadership; discipline helps ensure that these actions are taken regularly and maintained over time in order to achieve desired outcomes. 

Discovery: Self discovery enables leaders to understand who they truly are on a deeper level, recognise their strengths and weaknesses, and use those insights moving forward in life or work goals accordingly. Knowing oneself fully is an important part of becoming an effective leader who can contribute positively within an organization or community . 

Diligent: Attentiveness towards details within goals can help ensure that nothing gets overlooked while moving forward with self-leading approaches; diligence serves as a reminder that attention needs to be paid even when goals appear daunting or difficult overall . 

Dedication: Committing oneself fully towards achieving life purposes requires dedication not only towards goal achievement but also towards self-growth as well; developing oneself personally through consistent learning , reflection ,and growth oriented activities helps foster successful self-leadership practices .


Leading yourself successfully comes down to following the 10 D’s:  Dream of your future, be Direct and Decisive in action, Delegate where you can, continually Deliberate what matters most to you; stay determined and Disciplined for success. Make sure that discovery is part of your journey too – knowing self better than anyone else does. And don’t forget diligence leads to Dedication for reaching goals!


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