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10 Ways to Develop Self-Leadership

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By Dr Brighton Chireka

As a healthcare professional, you are constantly called upon to lead others and make decisions that could mean life or death. But who is leading you? It’s important to develop self-leadership skills to not only be the best healthcare professional possible, but to also take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Here are 10 ways to develop self-leadership skills: 

1. Know your values and live by them. 

2. Be confident in your abilities. 

3. Have a positive outlook on life. 

4. Be proactive, not reactive. 

5. Set goals and achieve them. 

6. Learn from your mistakes . . . “to err is human.” 

7) Take care of yourself – mind, body, and soul 

8) Continue learning 

9) Have time for self reflection 

10) Practice what you preach!

Define what success means to you

Success means something different to everyone. To me, success is accomplished when I have a feeling of accomplishment from completing a task or goal. Success is based upon the effort put into achieving that specific goal and should be judged independently with no allowance for comparison to others. There are elements of success in every aspect of life and it is necessary for personal growth to invest the time and energy toward successful endeavors. Everyone has their own definition of success and should focus energy on achieving that definition for themselves without allowing external pressures to disrupt their own definition..

Set realistic and achievable goals for yourself

When it comes to setting goals for yourself, always strive to be realistic and achievable. Many of us look to surpass difficult challenges ourselves, often without understanding the full scope of what is necessary. With that in mind, having realistic expectations at the outset and setting measurable milestones along that path can help increase your chances of success exponentially. Setting not only realistic but also achievable goals ensures that you don’t end up overwhelmed or unsupported by dead-ended initiatives, but instead have a clear path with milestones that will guide you towards progress – no matter how daunting a challenge may appear at first glance!

Take time for yourself every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes

Taking time for yourself every day should be a priority. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, or five, make sure you carve out an amount of time that will allow you to relax, recharge and focus on yourself. It can be anything from reading a book, meditating or going for a jog – whatever activity helps you clear your mind and reset your energy. Establishing this practice will ultimately improve your productivity and mental wellbeing in the long-run. Making yourself a priority is something that should not be neglected or put off.

Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses

An essential part of self-improvement is being honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. Making clear assessments about where you are today in comparison to where you want to be will lead to greater growth and success in the long run. This objectivity can help guide and focus both short-term and long-term efforts by enabling you to put more energy into developing your Weaknesses while also continuing to build on your Strengths. Being aware of any imbalances or discrepancies will free up mental resources that can be used toward self-awareness, improvement, and self-actualization. In other words, if you’re honest with yourself about what you bring to the table at this moment – talent, skills, experience – it will open doors towards achieving greater success in the future.

Don’t compare yourself to others – focus on your own journey

It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others and measuring your progress against theirs. But the truth is that everyone has a different journey and no two people will ever experience it the same way. By focusing on your own milestones, goals, and experiences, you are able to measure your growth, focus on what’s truly important to you, and keep yourself motivated along the way. Don’t waste your valuable time analyzing how far others have come – instead, stay focused on your own personal trajectory and take satisfaction in taking strides towards your long-term aim.

Keep learning and growing – read books, take courses, attend workshops

It is essential to never stop learning and growing in order to stay on top of the latest knowledge and best practices. Reading books, taking courses, and attending workshops are all great methods for increasing your skillset. Not only will these activities benefit you professionally by increasing your value as an employee or entrepreneur; they will also give you a unique perspective, helping you stand out from the competition. With so many reliable sources available at your fingertips these days, there is no better time than now to get started on expanding your knowledge base. Make it a goal to always keep learning and growing!

Success doesn’t look the same for everyone and what success means to you is entirely up to you. It’s important to set realistic goals and create achievable steps so that you can get there. Taking time for yourself every day – even if it’s just 10 minutes – will help keep your stress levels in check and stay focused on your goals. It’s also key to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can use both to reach success. Don’t feel like you need to compare yourself to anyone else’s journey, everyone is unique, so focus on where you are going in your own way. A great way to do this is by continuing learning, improving, and building new skills through relatively inexpensive but effective methods, such as reading books, taking online courses, or attending workshops. Remember that although success looks different from person to person; with patience, determination and self-care, anyone has the capability of reaching their definition of success. You will become the Best Version of Yourself


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