When you see your doctor and you are prescribed any medication please make sure that the following questions are addressed;
What are the treatment options ?
What is the effect of not taking the medication ?
What are the side effects of treatment ?
What to do if you get side effects from the treatment ?
Why should you take your medication?
How should you take your medication?
When should you take your medication ?
What will happen after treatment ?
If you are already taking medication please maker sure that you attend at least once a year for MEDICATION USE REVIEW

What is Medication Use Review (MUR)

This is one of the best practice service that aims to help patients use their medicines more effectively. In the United Kingdom , this service is offered for free by pharmacists and general practitioners (GP).
Aims of the service
To improve patient knowledge, adherence and use of their medicines by:
1- Establishing the patient’s actual use , understanding and experience of taking their medicines
2- identifying, discussing and resolving poor or ineffective use of their medicines identifying side effects and drug interactions that may affect adherence.
3- improving the clinical and cost effectiveness of prescribed medicines and reducing medicine wastage .
Commons questions that may be asked during a MUR?
1- How are you getting on with your medicines?
2-How do you take or use each of your medicines?
3-Are you having any problems with your medicines, or concerns about taking or using them?
4- Do you think they are working?
5- Do you think you are getting any side effects or unexpected effects?
6-Have you missed any doses of your medication?
7- Are you happy with the information you have on your medicines?

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