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BEFFTA blog of the year nominee
BEFFTA blog of the year nominee

  BEFFTA Blog of the year nomineee   By Dr Brighton Chireka   I am excited that our website docbeecee.co.uk has been nominated for BEFFTA Blog Of The Year 2016. Let’s continue to stand together as Africans as we raise health awareness and demystify medical conditions. Voting lines have been open since 26th September and will […]

Cancer in zimbabwe 2014 report
Cancer in zimbabwe . ZNCR team

Cancer in Zimbabwe By Dr Brighton Chireka On Tuesday, the 11th October 2016, I was privileged to receive the ZIMBABWE NATIONAL CANCER REGISTRY (ZNCR) 2014 ANNUAL REPORT from the ZNCR Registrar Mr E Chokunonga. I must commend the ZNCR for working so hard to provide us with a more up-to-date information on the incidence and […]

Dealing with itchy legs when running
Itchy legs

Dealing with itchy legs when running By Dr Brighton Chireka I promised to walk my talk and start exercising. This other day I was running and enjoying it when suddenly I felt pain and itchiness in my legs . I tried to persevere but the sensation was so overwhelming that I had to stop to […]

A cure for HIV infection reported
Cure for HIV infection

A cure for HIV infection reported By Dr Brighton Chireka HIV infection is no longer a death sentence and research continues to find a cure for HIV infection. A 44 year old British man with HIV infection is the first of 50 people to complete a trial treatment designed by scientists and doctors from 5 […]

Does God prohibits people from consulting doctors?
God and doctors

Does God prohibits people from consulting doctors? By Dr Brighton Chireka It pains me when I see children and women dying from preventable diseases and God being used as reason why these people refuse to consult the doctors. Does it mean that if we go to the doctors or take medicines we lack faith in […]

Explaining what is Mabayo / Isihlabo
Depression is a disease

Explaining what is Mabayo /Isihlabo  By Dr Brighton Chireka Mabayo is a Shona word or Isihlabo in Ndebele ,  that is causing a lot of debate among the Zimbabwean community. Questions are being asked as to what actually is “Mabayo”. Some have even suggested that it means pneumonia which is chest infection. The question that […]


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